The Tip – Senior citizen style

Back in June, my Mum and Step Dad came to visit Joey and I in Weipa. We took them camping up to the tip. Mum wanted to tick the tip of Australia off her list and it didn’t take much convincing of Joey.

We packed up our car and headed off on the familiar dirt roads. We stuck to the PDR and by passed the old Tele track for the start. I don’t think the oldies really objected.

There was quite a line up for the Jardine River ferry. There were lots of tourists out and about early in the season, all heading to the same spot.

Our first few nights were spent at Punsand Bay. Joey and I had our roof top tent and the backseat seniors got a little cabin.

We explored the area, walked to the tip and got the obligatory photos. There were a few people around up at the tip, one couple got photos of them both hitting some golf balls into the water!

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My Mum loves her iPad and taking lots  of photos, but I actually didn’t manage to get any shots of all of us at the sign. If you are my mum’s friend on Facebook check all her photos out there.

The next stop was Sam Creek. This was a real test for the family. We free camped here, so no toilets or showers as they are more accustomed to. Last time Joey and I visited here we said we’d like to come back to stay. It was a lovely spot – but so many flies! We cooled off in the creek and used the time to relax. There was a bit of a cold that was so kindly passed around everyone 😳. Lucky we had stocked up on cold & flu tablets and tissues before we left Bamaga.

We also visited the other waterfalls in the area. Joey and I enjoying the chance to swim without the worry of crocs! We spent time at Fruit Bat falls and Elliot falls.


We visited earlier than last years trip. And I was amazed at how much more water there was this early in the season. You could really hear the difference too.

Joey did some of his best cooking on the fire while we camped out. Cooking is one of his specialties. The baked potatoes were amazing. And of course, our favourite feature of our car, the little oven did not let us down. It heats up a mean meat pie 😋.

We detoured to have a look at the well known 4WD’ing spot of Gunshot creek. It was like a ghost town. We were the only car there, so we didn’t get to see anybody taking the brave plunge down the entry. It was so quiet compared to the crazy 15 plus cars we saw there on our trip last year.

From there it was a straight drive home to Weipa. Hopefully Joey and I get back to this area this year before the wet season starts again. I know as it’s heating up more and more during the day, a swim would be fabulous.


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