Get Bucked

So it was time for the Weipa Bullride again back in August. This year Joey and I arrived in the early afternoon so we could see the kids riding. It still makes me laugh that children as young as 5 are riding bulls. Just another way to show my city slicker side!

I’ve been teaching a year 3 class full time last term and will continue in term 4, which is one of the reasons it has taken me so long to actually sit down and write an update.

The children ride what is called a Poddy Calf and they must wear a protective vest and a helmet. The bull is only young, but they still get a good buck on some of them. The children also have adults who basically hold onto them and assist them getting away from the bull if they do start to fall off. The adults do such a great job of helping to protect the kids that barely any of the children even touched the ground with their feet.

It is such a fun event which was made even more special for me this year by watching some of the brave year 3 children I’ve been teaching. It is something that many of the children and locals look forward to each year. It was certainly a hot topic of conversation in the classroom. Talking of being brave check out the short videos below of some of the older guys taking part.

And I think the bravest of all are the Rodeo Clowns, I can’t believe these guys choose to do this as a job.


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