March / April update

Someone commented to me earlier today that I hadn’t written much lately πŸ™„. No excuses here, but to catch everyone up a bit, I had two lovely trips away in March & April.

At the start of March I ventured down to Yamba in NSW, flying to Brisbane and then driving down to Yamba to celebrate my SIL’s and her twin brothers 40th birthdays and an early 1st birthday celebration for my nephew.

We spent the weekend in Yamba enjoying a few swims at the beach. Something I miss a lot! A few morning walks + the two birthday parties.

We must have been singing off key πŸ˜‚

It was lovely to spend time with family.

And in April, I was lucky enough to be taken on another overseas “working” holiday with the lovely family I have traveled with several times previously. It’s hard work staying in such beautiful hotels πŸ˜‚ and I got to see two parts of the world I’ve never been to. We traveled to Hong Kong and China. I really enjoyed Hong Kong, I was worried it might be a bit busy after coming from Weipa with about 4000 people but it was not overwhelming at all and I got quite a bit of spare time to go exploring on my own. Visiting the Big Buddha, the flower markets and bird markets as well as Goldfish street and a few different general markets. And a wonderful day was spent at Disneyland with the lovely family 😍

The highlight in China was definitely our trip to the Great Wall of China. The food poisoning that also eventuated was not so much of a highlight 🀒

And since arriving back home to Weipa (where Joey was busy packing everything while I was travelling 🀩) we have started our travels around Australia. More about the start of this new adventure in my next post.



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