Gypsies for a month

Thursday last week marked 4 weeks of being on the road for us. We have covered a fair distance and seen lots.

We started in Weipa spending our 1st night in Coen and then on to Cairns. Where we stayed for about 10 days using the time to cull some things we didn’t really need and also sorting out a bit of storage. Plenty of trips to Bunnings! + we had some work done on our car to help with fuel efficiency.  We met up with our friends Shannon & Teagan and their two girls Edie & Claire who are also travelling around Oz.

From Cairns we headed west towards Normanton and then up to Kurumba.

Aye Kurumba……………….the mozzies here were bad and it turned out so was the fishing…………. So on we went.

I found myself judging the size of towns against Weipa. Most places we passed were pretty small with only a small convenience type store or just a few bits and pieces available at a servo. One store sold a carton of 600ml bottles of water for $18 😲

There was much talk between the boys of where to go next and which way was best.

From Kurumba we went through Cloncurry for a few nights rest at Mt Isa. Now we decided this was quite a big town compared to Weipa as it had Woolworths and Coles!

We passed over into the Northern Territory after about 2 and a half weeks on the road. The biggest difference I noticed was the speed limits 130km’s per hour on the main roads 😮 we found a great little camp site called Pebbles for one night

and then moved on to a meteorite conservation area for the next night. A short walk from the camp site was a big crater that apparently a meteorite hit about 4000 years ago. I don’t want to sound too cynical but how in the world would anyone know what happened 4000 years ago 🤔.


Next stop Devils Marbles or just some big rocks as Joey kept referring to them as. A bit of exploring around the rocks and one of the best meals we have eaten at the Devils Marbles hotel, which also had a lovely little camp ground out the back.

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Then we travelled through Alice Springs and straight onto Uluru. This was one of my most anticipated stops and I was not underwhelmed at all. We spent two nights here watching two gorgeous sunsets, one beautiful sunrise as well as enjoying a fun Segway tour around the rock. We got to about 1/4 of the way around and Joey had already proclaimed he wanted to buy a Segway. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be very steady on the Segway as I can be a bit clumsy and my balance is not the best. But I nailed it!

We also experienced the night of lights display and dinner. A wonderful night that we enjoyed with a table of new friends. One in particular Kim from Korea, whose brains we picked about Astro photography and the gear that he used. Kim was kind enough to take everyone’s email addresses and forward the photos that he took of the evening 🤩. Two of his masterpieces are featured below………….


After Uluru we returned to Alice where we found another great campsite just out of town, so peaceful and the cleanest amenities I have ever seen 😊 we used the time to do a spot of shopping and watch a movie. After living in Weipa it is definitely movies and shops we missed the most (oh and family and friends of course 😉). And it was bloody cold, getting down to 3 degrees over night. We had to buy a few warmer items of clothing to get us through ❄️ 

After Alice we spent two nights at a place called Gemtree, where we were able to join in on a tag along fossicking tour. We learnt how to fossick for Garnets, with a few good ones found. Man it was cold here, I had three jumpers on until after 1pm ⛄️

Two nights on the road with a lovely stop near Mataranka and a quick dip at the Bitter Springs hot springs

Next stop was Kakadu and another catch up with Shannon & Teagan and the girls 😊

We spent three days exploring the park with lots of walking and climbing to get to some lovely swimming holes and to see some wonderful Aboriginal rock art. The girls who are 2 and 4 did an amazing job climbing up to one of the water holes 🤩

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We are in Darwin now, where there will be a bit of fishing, visiting some markets and of course a movie or two while we are near a cinema.

We are loving the simplicity of this Gypsie lifestyle, most of the time anyway……………… The fires at night are a definitely a highlight (when they are allowed of course)

As well as the spotting of the little termite mound people that have been created along the sides of the road 😂

Fingers are crossed in hope we find one of those tagged Barramundi here in the NT  💰 and we will see where the road takes us next…………..



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