West Coast coolers!

We just finished our second week in Broome, since last post we had a few more “big city” things to do in Darwin like car services and an afternoon at the V8 Supercars. Which was great fun, with our GA tickets in hand we managed to sneak into the pit lane area – where everyone (except us) had very official lanyards around their necks 😂. And the nighttime concert was unexpected fun, we got to see The Veronica’s and Jimmy Barnes perform.


After we left Darwin we had a quick stop at Adelaide River just to see a big Water Buffalo from Crocodile Dundee………..


and then 2 nights down in Katherine………

Here we explored the local hot springs and enjoyed a dinner cruise through Katherine Gorge. Taking in all the gorgeous scenery.

As well as a drive out to Edith falls for a short walk and a refreshing swim. Edith falls will now always be known to us as Nerida falls (if you follow along on the cassandthecountry Facebook page you will have seen this post before). After a bit of a hike up the hill to the swimming hole Joey walked along one side that to me, seemed a bit steep compared to the side I was on and had already sussed out what looked to be quite a flat area to get in the water. Lots of encouragement from Joey to go the same way as him, with me saying “no, it’s too steep” several times and then realising there was something I needed in the bag that Joey had carried onto the other “steep” side, I gave in and walked around. “Just put one foot here and the other one there and you’ll be across” Joey said. Yeah sure one foot there and the other one where? I thought as I slid down the rocks 🤦‍♀️. Joey did his best to save me, but we both ended up in the water. One very kind onlooker awarded us a 7 for our dismount 😂. A bit of a bruised ego and hand, but other than that we were all right.

Our travel buddies were a few days ahead of us and had already crossed over the next border. With threats from Joey that if they go too fast, they will miss the fishing, we cruised into Zebra Rock mine. A small family run business that has found a very rare rock that only occurs in a 40km radius from their property. We joined Ruth, one of the owners on a mine tour and learnt all about this rare zebra rock, we even got to keep a few pieces and started to polish them up once back at the camp.

This was such a lovely relaxed camp offering a unique experience. Unfortunately the wetland tour was not running as Lake Argyle where the tours normally take place has receded quite dramatically with such a low wet season the past few years. The lake that is normally 1-2km’s away is now about 17km’s from the property 😲

It wasn’t far to the border crossing and we were into Western Australia. They are very strict on fruit and veges not coming into WA so after a quick quarantine inspection off we drove to Lake Argyle.


I had never heard of Lake Argyle before moving to Weipa. There is a prominent ad on the television advertising the wonderful resort and caravan park. It was the pictures of the beautiful infinity pool that lead me here. It is definitely a stunning location for a pool. But a word of warning if you ever want to visit – it gets pretty cold in winter 🥶 a quick dip for a photo…………….


The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring with the dogs and Joey bumped into a lady he used to work with in Weipa – who is working at the resort. A great night watching the resident performer and two of the most uninhibited dancers I have ever seen……………. they were great entertainment for the crowd!


For Joey the next part of the trip had been much anticipated – the Gibb River Road – from Kununurra through to Derby. I’d never heard of this road but apparently it is similar to the PDR. We traveled along the PDR on a few occasions from Weipa when we headed to Cairns and on our two trips up to the tip. The only similarities between these two roads is that they are both dirt and quite bumpy. The scenery was quite spectacular along the Gibb and seemed to be ever changing but we were a bit limited in places we could stop with the dogs and a lot of the attractions were quite a fair walk from where you could park. Don’t get me wrong, I love walking, but there is only so many bush walks leading to swimming holes you can do. We had one night at Hahn River (another similarity with the PDR) and then headed to just outside Broome for a late night set up. This camp was eerie, while we were a fair way back from the river you could here crocs moving around, which made for a restless nights sleep.

Next stop Broome, where by the time we left on Monday we had enjoyed a lovely two week break. It has been SOOOOOOO nice to not have to unpack and pack everything up after one or two nights. The longest we have stayed anywhere after our first stop in Cairns and our week in Darwin has been 3 or 4 nights. So two weeks in one spot has been divine. A few days out fishing for Joey and Shannon, camel rides for me 🤩. Lots of walks with the dogs into town, a visit to Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park and a almost day trip to Horizontals falls and Cape Leveque – which got cancelled due to fog – we will just have to revisit so we can take the day trip another time.




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