Life in the slow lane

Since moving on from Broome we have had a few extended stays in places. We have certainly taken to a slow way of life…………… the dogs certainly aren’t complaining………..


First stop was 4 nights in Port Hedland. Where we enjoyed the similar mining town feel to Weipa, except Hedland had many more conveniences, the park that we stayed had was a short walk to a lovely lagoon area, where the dogs and us enjoyed a few swims. We had been having a few issues with our go pro which is meant to be water resistant up to 10m, we got water in it at Edith Falls and we were not even in 2m of water………….thank goodness it was fresh water! We had been looking everywhere for a waterproof casing with all shops telling us that they were expecting stock in the next few days. Not so helpful when you are travelling, but we managed to grab one in Port Hedland. I told you it had many more conveniences than Weipa. The mounds of salt from the salt mine reminded me of ski fields

From Hedland we went to Port Samson, here was another longer stop. And probably one of our favourite caravan parks. Between the daily visits of the Mr Whippy ice cream truck, to the adults only tv room and the extremely well stocked camp kitchen we really enjoyed our time here. A few days out fishing topped it all off for Joey. We got to see staircase to the moon a natural phenomenon that occurs when a full moon rises above mud flats  it only happens in certain places and at certain times of the year  we missed the full moon in Broome so I was pleased we got to see it in Point Samson.

We felt the earthquake that happened while we were there. I was convinced it was just a mix of the wind and other cars passing us on the road that was shaking our car. But then we heard reports of the earthquake 😲. A day trip to Dampier to see where “Red Dog” from the movie of the same name was from.


One overnight stop on the way and then we have been in Exmouth now for the past 12 days, with probably another 5 to go. We have loved Exmouth 😍, lots of fishing and lots of successful fishing meaning several yummy dinners of fresh fish and we have even had a few meals of fresh squid 😋. The first week that we were here, our travelling buddies grew by 2 more. Our friends from Sydney Ash & Steph (Ash is Shannon’s brother) flew to Perth and drove up to Exmouth for a week. The best part was we stayed in a house…………. While it was advertised as a basic house on Airbnb – just the small fact that we didn’t have to climb a ladder to get to our bed and the toilet was only a few steps from our bedroom + it was a nice place for everyone to hang out together made it an amazing week. Oh and I didn’t have to wear thongs in the shower 🤗 Perfection 🤗 And the emus that just wander down the footpath here in town are priceless!

We have snorkelled and seen some beautiful reefs with the most amazing marine life. Turtles, manta rays fish of course and the best was swimming with Whale sharks – the largest fish in the sea. While the experience was a little bit hectic (not at all what I was expecting) with 9 other people in the water all trying to get a photo with the professional photographer – it was amazing all the same. It took me a minute or so to see the huge thing as I was looking down 🤦‍♀️ (thinking to myself-what is this woman going on about, I can’t see shit – I knew I should have gotten prescription goggles!) then I turned my head to the side and there it was, absolutely huge! Such a wonderful experience 🤩. I will do a separate post of the professional photos later 😁  pics below are our new friend Scott- who was the photographer + two from the go pro (using our new waterproof case)


The last few days since all our travelling friends have moved on further south the wind has picked up here in Exmouth, so we have pretty much been relaxing at our campsite – life in the slow lane – we are pretty lucky to be able to have this opportunity to travel around the country. We are loving it all. Hopefully we get a bit more fishing in before our time in Exmouth is up. While it is windy, the days are still beautiful and warm, we are in no real rush to head too far south too quickly as we hear it just get colder. We are enjoying this extended summertime too much for now. The tan lines are proof………….




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