July rewind

One of our last adventures in Broome last year was a great afternoon at Malcom Douglas Crocodile Park.

Then after leaving Broome in early July after a relaxing two weeks there, we headed off down the WA Coast line.

Some of the spots we visited in July were Port Hedland, Point Samson, and Dampier.

The salt mines at Hedland we’re a highlight to see, to me they looked like mini ski fields, just randomly popping up in the distance.

We had a few longer stays in a few places, which was really nice. We were able to relax a bit more. The wind at Point Samson interrupted all the ideas of fishing days. It also interrupted a bit of sleep, it was so strong, the flapping of the tent in the wind is something I will never forget 😠. The wind even ripped on of our tarps that we had set up to give us a bit of a wind break 🙄. Point Samson did deliver us a viewing of the staircase to the moon phenomenon.

We finished off the month in Exmouth with some visitors coming over to meet us from Sydney. Exmouth was AMAZING. So many beautiful memories from our time here with our group of friends.

Full disclosure – this was not our catch, but something to aim for while we visited the area.

As Australia continues to battle against Covid 19, I’m forever grateful for our time away last year!



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