Hey, I’m Nerida and I have just moved to a remote mining town in Far North Queensland.

I was happily living in Sydney while Joey had been off travelling around Australia. He’d been gone almost a year when he found himself in Weipa…. That’s when I got an invite to join the trip. FINALLY!

So I packed up my life – and my Husky, Akira – and we flew to Weipa to be with Joey – and his dog Barney!

We will now all live happily ever after.

THE END #lol

Cass and the Country is all about our travels and adventures, and the contrasts this “city girl” notices while living this new “remote area” life.

A few photos (I do take lots) will be thrown in to show you the places I go and things I see and like. You can also follow my adventures over on Instagram @Nerida179

Being a primary school teacher keeps me busy in the day and provides me with lots of different stories to share with you all. I can’t say many of the children in Sydney would share their stories of weekend pig hunting trips with me!

See you on the road!