USA Part 2

Now school has finished for the year, I finally have some spare time to continue writing about our USA trip – I hope I can remember.

When we left Vegas we hired a car, we had paid for a small SUV but were lucky enough to get an upgrade, several people all arrived at the pick up point at the around the same time, we were a few back in the line and when we got to where the small SUV’s were parked, there were none left………………… What a shame!

Our only plan was we (and when I say we, I’m using that term quite loosely) wanted to see the Grand Canyon and we needed to be in Phoenix, Arizona to get our return flight home in 5 days time. I was also very keen to see a town called Sedona, which luckily was along the way.

As we watched the strip and the tall buildings of Vegas disappear in our rear view mirror, the mountains got bigger and bigger. We crossed over the border into Arizona and later that day we found ourselves in Utah as well.


We were headed to Antelope Canyon, and the lady at the car hire place suggested we go via a small town called Kanab, thankfully we mentioned our plans for the following day to the lady at reception, as there was a one hour time difference to where we needed to get to for our tour. It was quite a distance and the estimated drive time the lady gave us was a bit out, we missed our tour and had a bit of time to kill before the start of the next tour that they could squeeze us onto to.

We headed straight for Walmart for a wander, I shared all my favourite American shops with Joey and I think Walmart is the best. We were also lucky we had a quick look on our phones to see what else was around, because there was another place I had seen pictures of that I was keen to see too.

Horsehoe Bend – AMAZING scenery.



Next stop was back at Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon you can walk through and you can get some AMAZING photos with the beams of light coming through. This area is Navajo nation and the rules were quite strict of what you could take with you, no bags of any kind, I questioned this rule as it is much easier for me to take all my bits and pieces necessary for my diabetes in a bag, but apparently someone took some ashes into the canyon and tried to scatter them. Way to go to ruin it for everyone! Anyway Antelope canyon is called “the place where water runs through rocks” by the local Navajo people. There have even been several deaths due to flash floods in the area. The only flooding we experienced was all the light coming through the canyon, we got some amazing photos with the help of our Navajo guide.


^^^^^^^ a love heart ^^^^^^^^^^


^^^^^^^ Mount Everest ^^^^^^^^


^^^^^^ nothing in particular – just pretty ^^^^^^^



Did I mentioned how the mountains just got bigger and bigger as we drove……….



We met someone who looked just like me at Marble Canyon …………. lol

Next Stop…………………………..


We certainly didn’t pack for the Grand Canyon climate, brrrrr it was chilly, I wore the two jumpers that I had, and luckily, Joey had packed two beanies.

We caught the sun setting as we entered the national park and got to see some wildlife


Next morning was an early start to see the sun rise, beanies essential.




We got to a few different vantage points throughout the morning, but then some rain set in and we started to see a lot of mist, we decided to move on as the misty views were all looking a bit too similar.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


From one red dusty place to another all the way on the other side of the world. The next town was Sedona, similar to Weipa with all the red rocks.


I was very keen to visit Sedona after seeing a friends amazing adventure last year on Instagram. There is thought to be swirling centers of energy called Vortexes, that are conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. It is said these are places where the earth seems especially alive with energy.  It is all a bit witchy woo woo, but after seeing my friends photos I knew I wanted to visit this place, if only for the beautiful scenery. Joey could not have cared less about Vortexes, so we tried to balance it out with a 4WD tour with Pink Jeep Tours Sedona, a random group of people climbed aboard the Pink Jeep, some of the customers had never done any 4WD’ing before. There were a few white knuckles and even some screams to God lol. Joey has done lots of 4WD’ing so he could kind of guess what was going to happen and he certainly knew what the jeep was capable of.



I got to go to one of the Vortexes, and I meditated for about 15 minutes. I meditate every day for 15-20 minutes and I don’t know if it was this extra special energy from the rocks or not, but I do know this was a pretty amazing meditation. I took a short hike to Bell rock and sat between two of the different vortex areas.


I told you Joey had no interest in the Vortexes.


From Sedona, we made our way down to Phoenix, we got some flash flood warnings on the way. While we were in Phoenix, we spent time at the phoenix zoo, it was so great to see such different animals. Giant anteaters, mountain lions, bald eagles, bob cats and road runners. This last one, I never realised was actually a real animal, I just thought it was a Warner Bros made up thing. Unfortunately the coyote display was closed for renovations. The zoo was absolutely massive, we walked so far and there was so much that we didn’t get to see. One part we really enjoyed was patting and feeding the cow nose stingrays.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For our last night of our trip we got some last-minute tickets to the Phoenix Suns v’s LA Lakers basketball game.


IMG_2032 2.JPG


IMG_9016 4.JPG

And that was a great way to finish a great trip. We will definitely be back to explore more of America sometime hopefully soon.



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