Armchair traveler

At the start of May, it was one year since we set off from Weipa on our trip around Oz.

Wow, what a difference a year makes. We are so grateful that we are safely settled in our own house up on the Gold Coast. Obviously lots of peoples trips this year have been cut short, cancelled, or postponed for now. I have had many a thought of what life would have been like on the road if you had to hot foot it home or if you actually had no home to go to. As I said we are grateful and extremely lucky that we are nicely ensconced in our own home. Imagine if we were still flitting between all the relos houses in Sydney during this lockdown period 😲

So I’ve decided if I can’t travel anywhere for the time being, I am going to do a bit of armchair travel and reminiscing of our trip through the use of photos. As I’ve said before, there were lots of photos taken and each post here, last year only showed you a few of the best. So each month, I’m going to look back at where we went and what we did and do a bit more sharing.

Ready to roll

The brolgas we saw were so beautiful. I remember singing a song at primary school about brolgas and they were as beautiful as I remember the song was.

Looking back at all the photos and my blog post from last year makes me realise how much driving we actually did. Setting off from Weipa at the start of May and seeing one of my highlights of the trip before the end of the month down at Uluru. It was a huge distance to travel!

Two highlights of the first month travelling were definitely the Devils Marbles and Uluru.

And of course, who can forget the fly nets………. 😂

Dinner time got delayed til after sunset, and on a few occasions I sat in the car to eat lunch because it was easier than trying to constantly swipe at all the flies.

This time last year as our travels had just started and now writing this as isolation is coming to an end I don’t know when our next trip will be, so for now it will be reminiscing through photos.



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